About QT Staff Solutions

OUR VISION: We seek to be the most dedicated and driven staffing agency in Queenstown.

Our focus is on the hospitality industry, to help contribute to the comeback of tourism and unemployment. To be able to place our people into opportunities and relieve our clients from a little bit of stress is so valuable to us.

About Us…

QT Staff Solutions is owned and operated by two local ladies who discovered a gap in recruitment, particularly in the Hospitality industry due to the Covid 19 worldwide pandemic.

QT Staff Solutions is a professional and licenced recruitment and staffing agency located in Queenstown. It specialises in placing and deploying candidates to Hotel, Motel, and Airbnb businesses for positions such as housekeeping, reception, Chef, kitchenhand. Our clients request workers for specific dates and departments each week and we place our employees into their shifts.

The company was formed after covid devasted many lives and businesses in Queenstown. This town relies so much on the workers who retreated home to their families away from Queenstown, leaving many businesses unable to remain open due to being short-staffed.

“To be able to place our people into opportunities and relieve our clients from a little bit of stress is so valuable.” – Marata, Owner and Manager.

QT Staff Solutions is different from the other recruiting agencies in the fact that they are specific to all departments in the hospitality sector. Their focus is always on the hospitality industry with the aim of contributing to the comeback of tourism and reducing unemployment.

What we do…

We advertise, recruit, onboard and provide solutions to your rostering needs, ensuring all team members not only align with our values but yours too!

Our passion…

We are committed to delivering high-quality service and team members who are energetic, committed, have high standards, and are eager to learn.

Meet Julz and Marata

How It All Started

QT Staff Solutions is owned and operated by Julianna Cools and Marata Cooney, who have lived in Queenstown for 23 years and have been working in the hospitality industry most of this time. Watching the ebbs and flows and transience of this town.

Julianna has owned and operated a canyoning company with her husband Ross for the past 8 years, and already having a client base and seeing the devastation covid had on people around her, giving her the idea to help generate support and along came the idea of staffing solutions and job opportunities. Julianna pitched the idea to Marata who was keen to be a part of this. Lots of exciting brainstorming moments came from this idea.

We got legal advice and set up procedures and policies to suit. We sent one email out to our client base introducing our plan and we become inundated with requests. We advertised on Seek and JobFix for positions required and created our client base and team.

Meet Hannah Hunt

Our Human Resource Manager

Returning to New Zealand early in 2022 from Australia, Hannah has a Business Management degree, majoring in Hospitality and Hotel Management.

Over the past 8 years, Hannah has worked as a multi-site Restaurant Operations Manager, traveling all over Australia opening restaurants. This experience has given Hannah great insight into recruitment, operations, and people management.

What drives Hannah is successfully assisting people to achieve their career goals by securing them the right position and providing hands-on coaching and training. In her spare time, Hannah loves trying out new restaurants, puppy-sitting for friends, and traveling.